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What is an AstroFractal©?

AstroFractals are unique soul expressions in artwork using formulas I have created and been refining over five years based upon your birth name, date and time of your birth. Across several steps, I use this information and a special program to generate “you in fractal form”.  This art is based on each individual birth information and numerology information. 

EVERY PIECE IS UNIQUE! You can feel the vibration of your soul in this art. Learn more about it in the podcast below on Exploring Possibilities.

Is this a piece of art or a healing method?

Yes. Both. If you want to use it as a piece of art, it is. If you want to use it as a healing method, that is also possible.

How do I use it as a healing method?

I believe that all art creates a vibration and every piece of art is created with the intention of allowing people to go deeper into their awareness and to work on healing any emotional traumas that we might have experienced. I recommend that you focus on your Astrofractal before going into a meditation, observing it by looking into portions of the art. As you focus, your vibration starts to shift.

You can also bring your Astrofractal into ceremonies. As you move through the ceremony, look again at your Astrofractal. Notice how it brings another part of your essence into your awareness.

These are just a couple of ways I recommend working with your fractal. The beauty is that this Astrofractal is YOU! You are the one who knows best how to use it, so come up with your own ideas…and I welcome you to share those with me. Not only will this be an enlightening journey for you but it will also expand your consciouness and awareness to learn more about yourself. ENJOY!

How do I get my personalized AstroFractal?

The  base package I offer is creating your personalized AstroFractal and delivering it to you in a High Resolution image to use as you like with a Certificate of Authenticity and your Unique Number.  Some ideas are phone background or case, computer background, wall tapestry, a blanket, a mouse pad… the sky’s the limit.  If you would like a high resolution picture in a Floating Frame,  scroll down for an option to purchase that below.

Have you created AstroFractals of any famous people?

Yes!  Browse the gallery for your favorites which are available for sale   If you don’t see your favorite there, send me a note and check back.  Check back frequently, I am always creating new AstroFractals.  If you have any further questions feel free to send me a message with the contact form page or by going to the bottom of this page.

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AstroFractals© in 3D Formula

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AstroFractals© in 4D formula


AstroFractals© in Flower of Life Format


Graphic File Version

With this option you get a File Size of 3:2 Ratio which is one of the most common sizes for pictures, if you want something larger let me know in the contact page after you purchase it.

What you get:

  • A 2736 x 1824 Jpeg
  • Certificate of Authenticity with your Unique Number in PDF format

For $99.99

For Other File Sizes message me after your purchase on Thank you Receipt form or Email.



What you get with your Floating Frame Package

Floating Frame Package

Floating Frame

This includes a floating frame 8×10 print of your Birthday and Time and Birth Name and a Certificate of Authenticity with your Unique Number.


Other questions or International orders please contact me.

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