Mario Rosales

A Tech-Life Balance Consultant.

I help people with strategic use of technology and balanced living using my Tech-Life Balance Philosophy.

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About Tech-Life Balance

TECH-LIFE BALANCE is about (a) strategic use of technology to make life easier and free up time for (b) a balanced happy lifestyle. Here’s how I can help you achieve this…

Let’s start with Technology…

Instead of falling into the trap of becoming slave to technology, isn’t it time to get smart and choose the right solution for you, your business, and your family? Here are some ways I can help:


Stop plugging in to sync your phone and calendar data or giving your personal… READ MORE

Social Media

How many platforms are you on? How responsive are you and do you enjoy them? Why READ MORE


Which platform? Wix, Weebly, WordPress, Drupal and other platforms all have their READ MORE

Home Personal Entertainment -

Streamlining your technology with your personal entertainment is where people READ MORE

Where’s the balance? (Tech-Life Balance)

As you work smarter, not harder, you’ll find you have much more free time for LIFE! This is often when emotional and relationship stuff surfaces that may have been neglected while you were “lost in busy” arises. Following are some experiences that have helped me that I enjoy sharing with clients, either individual I have developed practices in my own journey that help me and my clients, and am happy to share them with you.

Consciouness Coaching

The challenges do not show up until we start clearing out the clutter in our mind.  As we balance our work, technology and life we discover what was ‘lost in the busyness”.

Vibrational Sound Sessions

Sound has many benefits.  Science is showing that some sounds reduce stress, help us focus and also help move through some challenges.

Drumming Journeys

Shamanic Drumming has been shown that it gets you into a theta state where your mind clears and you can connect for clarity.  These journey’s allow one to see what they had not seen.

Rune Readings

These ancient Germanic people’s runic alphabet can be used for divination and give guidance when we feel lost.  The runes usually have a message that will give clarity or direction on what is going with life.

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